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The Institut des Sciences Animiques is a research and initiatory center created in 2008 by Dr Kiatezua Lubanzadio Luyaluka based on a new vision of afrocentricity and whose field of interest is African traditional epistemology and spirituality.

Born At Kinshasa, Dr Luyaluka, after years of researches in the field of divine metaphysics and after a brief but successful career as Christian Science Teacher and Lecturer, teaches now his own approach of metaphysical healing and of the fight against witchcraft.

In 2008 he obtained a PhD (Hon) in theology (opton Apologetics) from Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology of Kerala in India. His doctoral thesis titled ‘Correct perception of kindoki basis for the deep christianization of Africans” was published by Harmattan in Paris under the title: L’inéfficacité de l’Eglise face à la sorcellerie africaine. This thesis demonstrates the failure of the church in its fight against witchcraft in Africa and offers an efficient alternative in the fight against this scourge.

As a modern African initiatory school based on the African religious and epistemological traditions, The Institut des Sciences Animiques (ISA) works for:

  • The re-establishment and the promotion of an afrocentric vision of spirituality and epistemology, which vision was the might of ancient Egypt.
  • The advent of the solar thought, the deep thinking approach of the Black man based on the freedom of the soul, in accordance with the vision of the great prophets of the Bible, of the deep Africa, as well as those of other spheres of thought.
  • An efficient way of fighting witchcraft and its misdeeds, a great impediment os the true progress of Africa.
  • A real and efficient spiritually-based development of the Black-African nation.

As an apologist, Dr Luyaluka works to endow the African traditional religion with the tool of defense it needs in order to affirm its validity. He participates thus to the development of a scientific vision of this traditional religion.


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Dr. Kiatezua Lubanzadio Luyaluka is the founder of the Institute of Animiques Sciences.

Contact: kiatezuall@yahoo.fr